Our Mission

The mission at Anywhere Outpost is to bring people together out in nature. AO seeks to break down barriers to experiencing the outdoors through thoughtful camps built and hosted to meet the unique comforts and needs of every client.


Our Work

Anywhere Outpost offers pop-up luxury bedroom tents, outdoor lounges, fire-pits, lighting, and services including site visits, camp maps, and a camp hostess. We have a shortlist of event planners and vendors we like to work with to put together your event in the wild.


our philosophy

Fresh air and time spent in nature are therapeutic. In our modern fast-paced world, in which we are increasingly dependent on technology and urban living, the need for immersion in nature becomes increasingly important. Anywhere Outpost helps to relieve the growing level of communal stress by breaking down barriers that prevent people from accessing the unique benefits and inherent joys of relaxing, celebrating and sleeping in the wild. As we expose more people to Mother Nature’s generous gifts, we want to inspire our clients to become stewards and ambassadors for our planet in support of a greater ecological balance.

AO is dedicated to building our camps with ethically sourced, sustainable products that come from businesses who empower and appreciate their employees in the same way we support and respect ours.

AO leaves our campsites cleaner than when we arrived; the only trace of our stay is soil aerated from our tent stakes and the life-long client memories.

AO believes every interaction should benefit and bring joy to every client and business partner involved. We do what is right and complete every job and campsite setup with energy, positivity, and integrity .

AO is dedicated to supporting our local communities by creating fun, meaningful jobs and donating our services to causes that are important to us. We work efficiently and with great care, as we value every moment we get to spend in nature with our clients and business partners.

Our goal is to provide the best client experience possible.To do this, we make sure we prepare for and nurture our guests as they step off the grid and into nature with us.


Our 1% Commitment to the planet

In a humble nod to our planet, we show our profound gratitude for the unending tranquility, adventure, and inspiration nature provides us through our membership with  1% for the Planet. Even though we are a small company, we can make a big difference through the combined network of amazing businesses and environmental non-profits that are a part of 1% for the Planet. We donate 1% of our total revenue to the following environmental non-profits that align with our personal passions and interests here at Anywhere Outpost:

  • Wild California, a non-profit tirelessly working to preserve our forests

  • Save the Waves, a non-profit working to preserve world class surf breaks from getting turned into ports

  • Green Wave Organization, a non-profit working to support sustainable ocean farming

  • The Bee Girl, a non-profit focused on bees, education, research and conservation


The Anywhere Outpost Story

Anywhere Outpost began in January 2017 when our founder, Therese Cresalia, found herself unsettled at her UX Design tech job in downtown San Francisco. Although the work was interesting, she realized that sitting in front of a computer, talking to people through her computer all day was not what she wanted to do with her precious moments here on earth. This work environment was in stark contrast to her previous work which was more aligned with her intrinsic values; having moved from the island of Kauai where she was surfing daily and modeled for the health, sports and wellness industries, she felt the need to get outside for a greater sense of well being, and connectedness to all living things.  

Therese knew she was not alone. Her logic was “If I’m feeling this way, many around me must be feeling this exponentially more as I get outside more than most”. The unrest at work was not the only influence.  Being a surfer, Therese felt a burning desire to tend to a planet suffering from global warming and plastics pollution; the ocean clearly needed help. Concurrently she read an article in Outside Magazine describing how the Outdoor Industry is moving into a place of power to advocate for the environment, as they now have a multi-billion dollar capital stake in preserving this precious gift. Thus began her search for an opportunity to change her work to something in the Outdoor Industry.  

Enter Luxury Camping. Therese saw a company in Byron Bay called Flash Camp which ran a “pop up luxury hotel.” GENIUS she says, “Northern California is vast and needs this service. I can be an ambassador to the outdoors for people and break down barriers. I can help the planet and expose those who wouldn’t otherwise experience the deep joy in breathing in fresh air all night or the glorious feeling of waking up to drinking coffee by a cozy fire with the crisp morning air tingling their face!”

This concept of luxury camping or glamping (said with enmity as we don’t love this glamping term) solves the problem of not having enough comfortable sleeping arrangements onsite at a venue while also providing a unique and soulful experience.  It offers some of the comforts of home without having to be heavily invested in gear or deal with the logistical complexities of setting up a camp. S, AO thereby saves you money, time, storage-space, planning and stress.  At AO we see luxury camping as a supplement to traditional outdoor adventure camping. Luxury Camping is an ideal way to focus on the people gathered for a special celebration, or a work-related business strategy session done in fresh air, with kickass music in a remote locale.

Thus Therese and the team at  AO bring the comforts of functional furniture and sexy textiles to your wilderness setting, making sure everyone sleeps, eats and relaxes properly while reveling in the unending gifts of mother nature.


The AO Team


Therese Cresalia - Founder & CEO

UCLA B.A., Pre-Medicine, Spanish, World Religion. University of Hawaii, Nursing. General Assembly, UX Design. Therese’s work and life experiences align perfectly to design and run Anywhere Outpost. She is one of nine kids and the Cresalia family has been in California for 6 generations. The pioneer spirit and dedication to freedom and adventure runs deep in her blood. From her time as a User Experience Designer in San Francisco, she applies the values of user centered design, learning and pivoting quickly, and dedication to an unmatched customer experience. She relies on production knowledge gained from her career as a model/actress on multi million dollar film and photo sets. Therese applies her surfer and endurance athlete mindset in facing challenges, enjoying riding life on the edge, finding joy in staying calm and level headed while under intense pressure, and helping everyone around her to “stay stoked!” Therese finds deep joy and satisfaction in seeing the look of delight on people’s faces when they experience the magic of Anywhere Outpost.


Annie armstrong

Camp Builder & Camp Concierge

On camping and working with AO: ”Being in the wilderness motivated me to be a leader. I developed a confidence inside that I never knew I had in me. I supported and talked with my teammates. Especially during the tough times which made work a lot easier to accomplish and gave me the opportunity to learn to take initiative and make mistakes. My first camping experience was the most rewarding journey I had ever taken in my life. I walked away knowing that I was a better woman, friend and teammate. I had been shaped and molded into a new person with a fresh perspective and point of view, Literally.” ~ Annie


Eitan Kiin

Lead Camp Builder

On his work with AO and passion for Momma Earth: “I love the outdoors because of the peace and relaxation anyone can find in it, through a magnitude of different ways. I was inspired to join Anywhere Outpost because those values are held highly, and it offers the opportunity for people to experience nature in a comfortable setting. That is something I want to be apart of.” ~ Eitan

IMG_8126 SM.jpeg

kyle quilici

Sustainable Design Consultant and Camp Builder

On her work with AO and passion for Momma Earth: “With a background in sustainable interior design, I love the challenge of creating ambiance in an outdoor environment.  As a native Californian, the indoor/outdoor lifestyle is in my blood, and finding ways to make people comfortable outside is great for everyone, including the planet! Environmental sustainability and waste management is my #1 value and it informs all of my design decisions. I love working with Anywhere Outpost to meet these high standards and create an awesome guest experience.” ~ Kyle