Anywhere Outpost Productions (beta)

In Collaboration with the Cresalia Family and Friends Presents: 

Anchor Bay Mini Festival Day: June 17- 18 2017 

Festival Package Rates - Camping & Music included!

$200 - Fancy tent for Saturday Night (Admit two)*

$40 - set up your own tent (Admit one all weekend)

$20 - Day pass for Saturday festivities (Admit one) 

*$100 - Option to check-in to your fancy tent Friday night after 4pm and/or check out Monday morning for those abalone diving or not working Monday ;)

The Details 

Anywhere Outpost announces a soft opening campout/mini-festival for Father’s Day weekend! This is a beta run for our outpost fancy camps AND for AO Productions where we might make a habit of putting on similar niche sporting, hunting, fishing & music mini-fests. We are sending this exclusive invite to family and friends to practice setting up one of our camps, get great pictures, dive for fish and abalone. We can hang on the bluff or the beach, eat delicious food, listen to some live music, and enjoy this gorgeous private property over looking Anchor Bay! 


The Property 

A few beautiful grassy acres located on the bluff in Anchor Bay overlooking the cove and the famed Fish Rock. Just a short walk down the path through the Anchor Bay Campground brings you to the sandy cove for beach hanging. Haven’t heard of Anchor Bay? That’s because it’s located in the most remote zone of the Mendocino Coast in terms of distance to the 101. We recommend taking the 1 up from Bodega Bay. The views are stunning the entire way; enjoy!  There is parking right at the property,  porter potties onsite and access to coin operated showers just a short walk down the path to the Anchor Bay campground. 



The camp will be decked out with bistro lights, a bonfire pit, picnic tables, and bbqs. 

Fancy Furnished Tents:  1 queen size bed (up to 2 people). Tents come fully furnished with a comfy mattress and luxury Brooklinen sheets and bedding. There are lanterns, fireside blankets and chairs in each tent to use about the camp as well. 

Bring your own tent: There is plenty of space to set up your own tent for those that want to come and enjoy the private camp, the good company, music, and food! 

Check-in is 2:00pm on Saturday June 17. Check out is 12noon on Sunday June 18. 



We are working on securing some live music for the campout. The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Neil Young are tentatively booked (jk jk, we wish). We are booking some local Bay area Talent including 'Late for the Train' featuring our own Dave Pascoe and 'Papa Bear and the Easy Love'. 


Abalone Diving//Spear-fishing 

For those interested in joining, we will be diving Saturday and Sunday mornings for abalone and fish. Get your fishing license & ab card at Big 5, rent gear at Marin Dive Shop and get in the water!! My dad will do his best to make sure you survive! Catching your own food is deeply satisfying for the soul; if you haven’t done so we suggest you try it! Please email me if you are seriously interested in this and we will get you squared away :) 


Food & Drinks 

BYOB,W & C - (beer, water & coffee… let us know if you need to borrow a cooler)

Dinner Saturday night is potluck style, The Cresalia Family will be serving up abalone and fish tacos, a massive salad, and delicious cheese from our pal’s at Point Reyes Cheese Farmstead.   (Sausages, Hamburgers, grilled veggies, camp-fire roasted potatoes.. basically anything you can throw on a grill or in a fire wrapped in tinfoil makes great camping food - email me if you want more suggestions or tips) 

Breakfast Sunday Morning - We will have some fresh scones baked by Catherine to share as well as a demonstration on how to make the slowest cup of coffee ever.  Please bring any other food you want such as eggs, bacon, sausage, english muffins etc. 

We will have grills for bbq’ing as well as some spare cast iron pans. 

Please bring your own re-useable fork, knife, spoon, plate, bowl and cup!  We will have a sanitation station set up

Back up provisioning: Great news for those that like to fly by the seat of their pants (which we support whole-heartedly), the bluff is literally right in the quiet village of Anchor Bay; directly across the street is a grocery store, coffee shop, a great Mexican restaurant and a particularly amazing Thai food restaurant (fun fact: when the Dalai Lama comes to the U.S. the owner of this restaurant is flown to where ever he is to cook for him!).

A suggested packing list and detailed itinerary will be emailed out to confirmed guests two weeks prior to the mini-festival. 

Call or email Therese to ask questions email:

phone: 808.635.8344

Fine Print: 

  • Rented on first come first served basis with very limited inventory

  • Supplies and time are super limited all ticket purchases are final, no refunds :( 

  • 2 Portable high-end toilets and a shower available on site. 

  • Recommended Packing list will be provided to all guests of Anywhere Outpost

  • Camp includes bistro lights and large fire-pit!  The more the merrier at these camps! 

  • This is a beta event to practice setting up AO camps so please be patient and know that you are apart of a learning process. Thank-you for joining in the adventure and learning!