Portfolio of marquee events

Anchor Bay Mini Festival 2017

In June 2017 Anywhere Outpost put on a two-day mini festival in the beautiful town of Anchor Bay on the Mendocino Coast.  As this event was the maiden voyage for our Nomadic Hotel we designed and produced the event around the tents to practice the process of building out a pop up hotel. Aside from staying the nomadic hotel, guests had the option to set up their own tents and join in the activities.


The Nomadic Hotel sprung up On a beautiful property overlooking Anchor Bay

The AO hotel transformed a grassy two acre bluff with no infrastructure into a mini-festival with over 100 guests enjoying the views and ocean access. We love the creative possibilities a nomadic hotel brings to remote areas providing new ways to adventure outdoors.

"Nomadic Hotels Provide Unique access to Remote Tourist Attractions  and activities"
~ Duncan, owner of Anchor Bay Bluff

AO Produces Mini Music Festivals

We organized the stage, lighting, music and activities for guests. We enjoy the whole process of putting on a festival and plan to do a least one mini-fest of our own each year. 

Mini-fest goers got to maximize the location with access to the world renowned Anchor Bay beach and the Pacific Ocean! Guests dove for abalone, played on the beach, did yoga over looking the ocean, listened to music and cooked out pot luck style.